How to be a Traditionalist.

If we are to be traditionalists then let us start with some traditional feasts and festivals.

These are mostly English festivals celebrated in London and other places.
January starts with the New Years Day Parade in London on Jan 1st. It continues with Twelfth Night on the South Bank and elsewhere on Jan 5. Epiphany follows on the 6th. London International Mime Festival starts on the 9th. On the 15th we have Blue Monday. This is the most depressing day of the year. If we survive this then things will only get better. Cheer your friends up this day. On the 25th we have Burns Night which has been adopted by the English somewhat.

On the 2nd of Feb we have  Candlemas or Feast of Lights. On Feb 14th we have St Valentines Day. On Feb 16th we have the Chinese New Year that is celebrated by all as a public festival on the we have 27th Collop Monday and the 28th Pancake day .

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