How to be a Bohemian.

A Bohemian is one who lives for his art and is often prepared to die for it too. Bohemianism is not a brand. It is not a pose. It is an act of creation.

The Bohemian is a rebel from the established order but finds himself packaged and sold as a curiosity. The cycle then begins again.

How may we become more bohemian? I suppose I am already a bohemian in that I devote myself to a rather profitless art (this blog) regardless of whether anyone gets it or not.

There is bohemian art, and endless bohemian experience for the wealthy in London. This is 'High Bohemia' that has always been available to those who can afford it. There is nothing wrong with High Bohemia but it is not where the creative work is done.

You might take a look at Bohemian Trails  which is somewhat High Bohemia.

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