Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Romantic Failure edition.

On St Valentines day I discovered these cute little flower boxes all over the City.
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They were to promote a dating app called Bumble. Bumble is unlike any other in that the woman must make the first move.This deals with the two greatest complaints about existing services- women feel overwhelmed by the volume of attention they receive. Men have the opposite problem.

I downloaded the app and paid for a subscription.

Then waited, and waited and waited.

Eventually a woman sent me a message. 'Hi'. That was it. I sent my wittiest reply with this limited input and received no response.

The problem with bumble (good idea though it is) is that it cannot change human nature. Women like to be seduced and prefer men to make the approach. All attempts at social engineering are defeated by human nature.

The thing driving Bumble is a desire to escape cultural game playing and I think this will eventually manifest in social revolution.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pilgrim's Joy.

What will freedom look like? How will we know when we get there?

Choose a destination on a whim. If freedom is your destination you have already arrived! 

Choose a destination on a whim and go.
The pilgrim seeks freedom by self transformation.

The free human can spend his time as he wishes. This is the only objective test.

Such a person may move from place to place without employer or creditor. No human being has a claim on him.

If the free man walks into a station and sees a place he has never visited- he simply gets on the train to go there.

Prepping. Hidden motives.

Members of the prepping community usually describe it as simply 'being prepared'. Using this definition everyone becomes a prepper and the activity becomes completely normal. This definition is a response to the 'doomsday prepper' stereotype put about by the media but it does not quite describe the whole truth.

Most preppers join the community for three reasons.

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When the Romans left Britain the dark ages began. Communities became inward looking and windows were often bricked up. We see something similar in the first photograph. This church stood for centuries with stained glass windows but is now forced to place perspex boarding over the front possibly due to the multicultural nature of the area. The second photo is of the Roman wall around London which fell into disrepair but was recreated in later centuries. The result of the breaching of the wall was not population growth but an emptying out of the city as outsiders could enter the city to loot it.

The first reason is the desire for community. Preppers form a small but well equipped tribe that are loyal to one another and see the world in the same way. Preppers feel at home with other preppers.

The second reason is the search for authenticity. Most preppers reject brand names and consumer debt. They gravitate towards a more tribal style of life. It is remarkable how different male and female preppers are. Male preppers talk of protecting their community and their family. This may involve killing wild beasts or other traditionally 'male' activities. Female preppers generally have a gun under the bed but their prepping is more nurturing. They study herbal cures, they take practical precautions men generally do not think of and they often keep rabbits. Both male and female preppers are connecting with their archetypal identities that modern life tends to suppress.

The third reason is survival but this is probably the least important of the three.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Poetry Library.

It would seem that Britain is free. Yet it does not feel this way to live here. There are things one must not say. There are thoughts one must not think- yet these thoughts are not illegal as such.

The enemy of freedom is our own conformism.

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The photograph is of the Poetry Library (Royal Festival Hall, 5th floor). Poetry should be the most free form of writing- but only certain voices are heard by the poetry establishment.
I bought a Kindle Paperwhite a while ago. Amazon have a good attitude to free speech and I wanted to reward them. Kindle offer a number of free books, many of which were written by people with a message to propagate. Some of these are on prepping and allied topics.

Few things are truly free and most of the 'books' are in fact pamphlets designed to encourage us to buy something else. Nevertheless a few are 'proper' books that are genuinely free and worth reading.

The creeping tyranny is a gradual process. It does not kick in the door with a snarl. It seeks to appear reasonable. It removes old books in the name of diversity and leaves us poorer as a result.

Books are not banned or burnt. They simply slip from view.

London is blessed with a huge number of specialist libraries. We should value these. They are run by politically correct people but they are also run by book lovers. Get involved. Keep these places open.

Few people own their own libraries any more. This means that ideas will fall from the public imagination very quickly once they are dropped from Amazon or the local library. We need to signal our interest in intelligent literature by joining public libraries and then using them. Diversity of books mean diversity of opinions.

Each year we are more careful not to give offense. Each year it is harder to find writers with genuinely new ideas.

We know where this ends. It is not a good place.