Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Grab and Go!

A gentleman is not his residence. He must be prepared to leave his home at any moment- never to return.

Security is not found in possessions but in ones own wits. I keep a bag by my front door at all times which contains the basics of life and my documents.
This is a rather posh tweed bag with a rubber waterproof lining. It contains two cotton sacks containing underwear along with a tweed toiletry bag, my beloved kindle and a phone charger. I have also bought a padlock and a cable so that I might chain it to my bed while sleeping.

This bag is also very suited to backpacking and insures me against running out of underwear when I am getting dressed in the morning.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Luxury prepping.

If we are to survive what life throws at us we may as well do so in comfort. How can we add a little luxury to our survival?

Friday is prepping day for me. I spend a few moments going through 'what if' possibilities in my mind and then resolve to deal with one of them. Here are the items I bought today.

The rice is cheap, light and a good way to use up scraps. The egg noodles are a more nutritious alternative to ramen noodles and the brandy is to disinfect wounds, light campfires and seal agreements.  
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Monday, 26 September 2016

How everything changes.

It is easy to get stuck in life. The root cause is not the thing we think is trapping us- it is that our thoughts repeat upon themselves.

We get up, go to work, meet the same people and go home to the same bed so it is not surprising we find ourselves thinking the same thoughts.

Sometimes our lives require revolution rather than reform. We must change everything or we will change nothing.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
This photograph was taken in Oxford. The simple act of moving to another city for a few days cleared my head and allowed me to see things as they truly were. This was not caused by any new information but by a change of location.

I propose moving to a new town for a week. This may be done alone or with fresh new people but it should not be done in the company of 'problem people' or they will bring the same of patterns of thought with them.

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This Secret Pilgrimage.

If we were to visit Oxford, Cambridge or the City we would have great difficulty in driving safely. This is because we would find tourists wandering about in a kind of trance state, photographing everything but seemingly unaware of their immediate surroundings.

Places such as this induce trance in recent visitors and creativity in those who stay longer. Wherever we see beauty we find genius and wherever we find genius we see beauty.

I have just returned to Oxford myself and feel strangely changed by the experience. A tourist visits a place to escape from his troubles for a while a pilgrim hopes to return a different person. This makes me a pilgrim without knowing it- and it makes all the other tourists pilgrims too.

We may track the rise and fall of nations by counting pilgrims. There were a fair number of North Americans seeking a re connection with their past but these were outnumbered by central Europeans (mostly Polish) who come to the UK to work but who still have an explorers curiosity. Most noticeable of all were the Chinese. I predict a great future for all these countries.
A photo posted by Richard Ford ( on
This secret pilgrimage has been going on for centuries so we cannot credit it to clever marketing or the Morse TV show.

It points to something real, thatt has no name but whatever it is can make or break empires. The Soviet Union produced nothing of the same power and neither did the Cultural Revolution of China. Both are now gone.